Brown shearling jacket

The color brown is the most classic and common color for shearling jackets. When one thinks of shearling, most likely they are thinking of a brown shearling jacket or coat. Shearling coats come in many distinct shades of brown. Hence on this page you’ll see separate sections for lighter brown shades and the darker shades, and for men and women. Distinctive, durable, and functional, shearling coats and jackets are a great choice whether buying the item in preparation for the cold winter monhts, or as a great gift for the holidays or other occasions. Good luck with your search.

Brown shearling jackets for women

Here are some examples of light and dark brown colored shearling jackets for women. When choosing a shearling, one consideration is whether you’re looking for an item with a hood or not. Certainly a hood is warmer, but it also can make the jacket heavier and a bit bulkier. And these dark brown shearling’s are also in women’s styling, and look great for a variety of occassions, whether formal or casual. One of the things I like most about shearling jackets is that when people see a real shearling jacket, they know that the jacket is of high quality.

Brown shearling jackets for men

There are a few different styles of brown shearling’s for men. Some of the most common is the bomber jacket style, and the shearling trucker jacket style. And among these categories they come in various shades of brown. Here is an example of a light brown shearling jacket for men as well as some examples of a dark brown shearling jacket for men:


Which shade of brown shearling is your favorite? In my opinion the lighter shades tend to look nicer, and go especially well with those boots that have been so popular the last few years. But the darker shades of brown shearling jacket tend to hide and dirt or stains better. So there’s a bit of a trade off.

Selecting a brown shearling jacket can take some time. Shearling jackets made out of real shearling can be somewhat pricey as compared to those made of man made materials (faux shearling jackets). But when one considers that the natural product will generally last many years, and give a superior look, the higher cost of genuine shearling seems is actually a good value.

This page is focused on that most classic of outdoor coat, a brown shearling coat. We hope you found the jacket you’re looking for. It’s hard to go wrong with a brown shearling jacket. It will probably become your favorite jacket to wear day in and day out.