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Welcome to, where we make finding the right shearling coat easy. There are many different types and styles of shearling coats and vests available. Which one is right for you? To make finding the right shearling easier, we’ve grouped the jackets by color, sizing, and material (e.g. faux or genuine). We’ve also provided commentary and background information on on the various types of shearling coats to assist you. Hope you enjoy our site and good luck in your search for a great Shearling coat.

Comparing genuine and faux shearling coats

Shearling coats are warm and stylish. One of the first decisions to make when looking for shearling jackets for women or men is whether you’d like the faux or genuine type. It’s hard to tell the difference between the faux and genuine types from images / photos online. But in regards to price, the faux are typically quite a bit cheaper.

Regarding durability and style, the genuine variety are usually considered superior. A good shearling coat made from lambs skin can last many many years. So, why wouldn’t everyone buy genuine shearling? There are several possible reasons. Some might want the great style of a shearling coat, but not want to wear the skins and wool from a sheep. Another reason may be price. Coats made from genuine shearling are generally quite a bit more expensive than faux jackets. However, how long the coat will last should be considered when determining which type is a better value. If a faux had to be replaced every several seasons, while the genuine one didn’t and lasted, the genuine may be a better value. There can also be a difference in the weight between the two broad types of coats, though there are lightweight varieties of genuine shearling as well.

Styles and features to consider when selecting a Shearling coat

Hooded: Do you like the coat to be hooded or not? Having a hood is great for when one is outside on cold winter nights especially if the wind is howling. But on the down side, having a hood makes the jacket heavier and more bulky. My personal preference is shearling coats that come with a hood which since it is so useful in windy, very cold weather.

Coat length: Another factor to consider when selecting a shearling coat is the length. Are you looking for a shorter length jacket such as a shearling bomber jacket, or a 3/4 length shearling coat, a full length shearling coat, or perhaps a long faux shearling coat.

Thickness: Shearling coats come in a variety of thinknesses. In the case of faux, this simply depends on how the coat was designed, and what materials were selected in it’s manufacture. For genuine shearling, the thinkness depends on the lamb’s which were used to create the coat. And the type of sheep and the skin and fur can depend on where the sheep is from.

Coloring and particular shade of Shearling: They come in a variety of colors and shades, most typically variations of brown, so that is another consideration. You can find chocolate brown shearlings, camel shearling coats, black shearling coats, or coats in very light tan, to name of few of the popular colors. When looking for different colors of coats people often look for a black shearling coat or a brown shearling coat, though occasionally people will also be searching for blue shearling coat as well.

Long or shorter trim fur around the neckline and sleeve cuffs. And the coloration and pattern of the fur trip and how it compares to the jacket color. Sometimes the collar and sleeves on the shearling coat might be made from a different type of fur than the rest of the jacket. For example, fox fur is sometimes used for trim.

Sizing: Shearling coats are often labeled for size either in general sizes such as XS, S, M, L, XL, 0X, 1X, 2X, etc…, or in a numeric size such as size 6. Sometimes plus size shearling coats or petite proportioned shealing coats are available, but they can be difficult to find.

Finally, you might consider what type of front closure type you prefer: buttons or zipper? Also, some coats come with a belt around the waist which is also a nice feature to have.

Shearling coats make a great gift!

While a great gift any time of year, Shearling coats as gifts are especially approriate in the fall and winter months. They are a substantial and thoughtful gift, e.g. for someone’s birthday, or for the end of year holidays. Given the large variety of styles and colorations of Shearling coats, it’s hard to have too many shearling jackets. So why not give that special lady a ladies shearling coat, a shearling coat women, a shearling coats for women, or a shearling jacket women. Or for a man you might give them shearling coats for men, a men’s shearling jacket, shearling mens coats, or mens faux shearling coats. When given as a gift for someone else genuine shearling is often a better choice, unless perhaps one knows that the receiver doesn’t like to wear real fur.

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More information on a variety of shearling coats is available on the posts linked to in the sidebar menu. Whether as a gift or for yourself, shearling coats are a great choice. This site should be useful for those looking for shearling jackets for women, shearling bomber jackets, brown shearling jacket, suede shearling jacket, faux shearling coats for women, long shearling coats, and designer shearling coats. Good luck finding the perfect coat and hope this site helped you in your search.

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